Valentine’s Day

Mireya Pizarro asked:
Valentine’s Day is the day we all celebrate love. Most may think that February 14th is a day that you spend with your significant other. Yes… but it is also a day that you can celebrate with everyone you love. We think of Valentine’s Day as a day where we expect romance. Its as Alicia Keys puts it,” 3 dozen roses because that is the only way to prove you love them. Some people want diamond rings and some just want everything but everything means nothing… .” People focus on the gift and forget that it is about the experience…about the person. A gift that really expresses how important the recipient is. Sure you want to express your love with the right gift but go beyond this to make it personal. Anyone who has received such a gift will tell you that the experience of it, especially when its shared with someone, will always be remembered.

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Here are some thoughts about Valentine’s Day and some ideas to inspire!

*It began as a day of celebrating Juno, the queen of all Roman goddesses and gods. She was also the goddess of love and marriage. On this day festivities took place. Young girls would write their names on slips of paper and put it in a urn. Each boy would draw a name and the two would fall in love at the next day’s festival.

* There were three Saint Valentines. All with legends of their own. One is of the Christian priest who would not pray to the Roman gods. He was put into jail and there he fell in love with a blind girl. The night he was sentenced to death he wrote her a love letter. A miracle took place and her site was restored. She read the letter.

* In the United States, during the 1800s Valentines were very serious. It was considered like a marriage proposal.

* Chinese Valentines Day is known as the The Night of Sevens when young girls demonstrate their arts especially melon carving. They also make wishes for a good husband.

Ways to celebrate

-Love letters and then read them to one another. Get the love box gift basket. Candles and romantic thoughts await.

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-Bake a two layer cake. Frost one layer and add cards tied with string. The string on the outside of the cake. Do not frost this part-the string. Write a special note on each card. Something you love about the recipient. Frost the cake. The idea is that the recipient pull the string to reveal each card with something special on it. Great for birthdays too.

-Picnic for two or a crowd. gift baskets

-Dinner at a special place. Where you fell in love, met or something like this

-Romance kit- a romance gift basket is a good idea. Send them love notes with hints. They will be excited about what you have planned. Do this sporadically not just on this day, and they will really love it.

-Send them a teddy bear gift basket. Give them a special message like this teddy bear loves you and can’t wait to hug and kiss you later. I am so glad my heart belongs to you. Sign it your teddy bear and then your name.

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Single on V-Day? Don’t feel left out or like something is missing in your life. Or think what’s wrong with me. Valentine’s Day is more than love for your spouse or significant other. Its about love for all the people in your life. So here’s what you can do.

-Make it a day of reflection and look at all the people and positive aspects of your life. Celebrate this and then make some changes like maybe diet, physical appearance or something. Just little improvements here and there to boost your confidence and get you out there to have fun, meet people and then along the way you will meet someone.

-Throw a singles party

-Love is a powerful tool. Get some pretty paper or a notebook and write about what love means to you and the people that matter and add meaning to your life. You could even write about your ideal relationship.Then you can keep your book and always have it when you need encouragement and to remind you of what you want.

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